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Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals

AAESP serves elementary, middle school, and K-12 administrators as well as curriculum directors, university professors, and a variety of other educational leaders around the State of Alaska.


What does AAESP do?

AAESP is a professional association that represents principals at the federal, state and local level to encourage legislation and regulations which strengthen American education.

AAESP provides the opportunity for principals to attend the Alaskan Fall Principals' Conference where nationally recognized speakers are keynoting and provides the opportunity to brainstorm with other principals from around the state to help determine policy, goals, and educational priorities for the year.

AAESP encourages participation in the National Leaders Conference, Alaska Legislative Fly-in, attendance at other in-services and the NAESP National Convention & Exposition.



        Membership​ & Contact Information

                       Email or call Executive Director, Jennifer Schmitz @

            or (907) 223-1742


CONGRATULATIONS to Alaska's 2020 National Distinguished Principal,

Eric Pederson!

Eric is the proud principal at Paul Banks Elementary in Homer, Alaska.

Eric Pederson was nominated and selected by his fellow principals through a statewide search process conducted by the Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals.
Pederson graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree, he then added a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Eric began his administrative career as a principal at Kuinerrimuit Elitnaurviat School in Quinhagak, Alaska in 2007 and moved to Homer in 2013 where he has served as the principal at Paul Banks Elementary since that time.


COVID Related Support

Working Together for Alaska's Students

Echo School Health Series

There are weekly sessions offered through DEED that  held to address real issues happening in our schools and how to respond. There is more information about these sessions in the attached ECHO. School Health ECHO Series:

DEED Covid Help Desk

You can email DEED at any time with Covid related questions at

Member Meetings for Alaska's K-12 Principals

ACSA (also a part of your membership) is hosting bi-weekly meetings for principals with Commissioner Johnson and other special guests. These have been valuable sessions. Current members should be receiving invitations to these sessions.

Current REL Supports

In response to COVID-19, the 10 Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) have collaborated to produce a series of evidence-based resources and information about teaching and learning in a remote environment, as well as other considerations brought by the pandemic. See below for a roundup of featured resources on this topic. A full list of resources is available on the REL COVID-19 webpage

Best Practices for Creating Take-Home Packets to Support Distance Learning
Infographic | REL Pacific
Audience: teachers, school leaders, district leaders

Going the Distance: Online Strategies for Helping Students with Disabilities
Blog | REL Mid-Atlantic
Audience: teachers, school leaders, district leaders

Meaningful Online Education for Our Youngest Learners: Tips to Reconcile the Need for E-Learning with How Young Children Learn Best
Blog | REL Midwest
Audience: teachers

Supporting Children’s Reading at Home: Family Resources for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
Webinar recording | REL Southeast
Audience: families, caregivers

Three Steps for Using Culturally Responsive Practices to Support Equity During Remote Learning
Blog | REL Mid-Atlantic
Audience: teachers, school leaders, district leaders


Who is AAESP?

YOU ARE!  Those dedicated individuals working and supporting education in the State of Alaska.

There is an executive board elected to serve AAESP. Each person on the board is here to help support our mission and to support individual leaders around the state.

AAESP President

Eric Pederson

Paul Banks Elementary

1340 East Road

Homer, AK 99603

Phone: (907) 226-1801

Fax: (907) 235-8163


Doug Gray

Paideia Cooperative School

1405 E Street

Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: (907) 742-4267

Fax: (907) 742-4165


Jennifer Rinaldi

Willow Elementary

PO Box. 521197

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Phone: 907-495-9330


Lynn Mayberry-Burke

Lake Otis Elementary

3331 Lake Otis Pkwy.

Anchorage, AK 99508

Phone: (907) 742-7400

Fax: (907) 742-7407


Kelly Ramey

1905 Twining Dr,

Anchorage, AK 99504

Phone (907) 742-0366

Fax (907) 742-0393


Heather Jones

Trailside Elementary

5151 Abbott Rd

Anchorage, Alaska 99515

Phone: (907) 742-5500

Fax (907) 742-5511


Shawna Henderson

Pearl Creek Elementary

700 Auburn Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Phone (907) 479-4234 x41510
Fax (907) 479-4025


Margaret Gilman 

Nikiski North Star Elementary

45600 Holt Lamplight Rd 
Kenai, AK 9961

Phone (907) 776-2600

Fax (907) 776-8423 


Joanna Hinderberger

Mendenhall River Community School

9001 Mendenhall Loop Rd.

Juneau, AK 99801

Phone (907) 796-5600

Fax (907) 463-1777



Working in partnership to provide the best possible support to education administrators in Alaska.

Being a member of AAESP also means you are a member of these two great organizations. This gives us a stronger and more unified voice at both the state and local levels.


Alaska Council of School Administrators

As a non-profit, tax exempt corporation established in 1973, the Alaska Council of School Administrators (ACSA) was created to serve as an umbrella for four of Alaska’s premier educational leadership organizations.
ACSA’s unifying purpose is to support educational leaders through professional forums, provide a voice that champions possibilities for all students and purposeful advocacy for public education. ACSA comprises professional educational leaders of Alaska’s schools and school systems.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 4.36.31 PM.png

National Association of Elementary School Prinicpals

The mission of NAESP Is to lead in the advocacy and support for elementary and middle level principals and other education leaders in their commitment for all children. NAESP advocates for the support principals need to be successful 21st century leaders—to achieve the highest results for children, families, and communities. And, we support the continual development of our members—principals in many different stages of their careers—through benefits, and awards.

All of our activities are designed to help principals and learning communities achieve desired results for every child.


Nominations Needed

for the ALASKA 2021  

National Distinguished




                           LYNN MAYBERRY-BURKE

                           FOR MORE INFORMATION

                   AND/OR TO NOMINATE SOMEONE


National Distinguished
Principal Information

Eligibility for nominees:
• is a member of NAESP prior to submitting their application in May;
• is an active principal of a school in which a commitment to excellence is clearly evident;
• has been an active principal for at least five years;
• will remain in active service in a position of school leadership during the school year in which he/she will serve as NDP;
• shows a strong commitment to the principalship through active membership in professional associations;
• is respected by students, colleagues, parents, and the community at large;
• assumes an active role in his/her community, distinguishing himself/herself as a leader in civic, religious, or humanitarian activities;
• shows strong educational leadership by setting high expectations for school staff and students; and
• maintains an orderly, purposeful learning environment.

ALL completed applications are due by FEBRUARY 19, 2021 to Lynn Mayberry-Burke, Vice-President AAESP at for review by the AAESP NDP Selection Committee. We will work with our Alaska National Distinguished Principal to complete a final online application to NAESP by May 7, 2021.


Alaska's National Distinguished Principals


Eric Pederson

2020- Kenai

Douglas Gray

2019- Anchorage

Michael Angaiak

2018- Fairbanks

Lisa Vrvilo

2017- Matsu

Kate LaPlaunt

2016- Fairbanks

Anita Stevens

2015- Anchorage

David Kingsland

2014- KPBSD

Cheryl Stickler

2013- Haines

Barbara Nagengast

2012- Anchorage

Tim Doran

2011- Fairbanks

Richard Toymil

2010- Anchorage

Leslie Campbell

2009- Fairbanks

Barbara Pile

2008- Fairbanks

Ron Fried

2007- Kodiak

Pete Swanson

2006- Kenai

Ed Scherer

2005- Anchorage

Mary Johnstone

2004- Anchorage

John Kito

2003- Anchorage

Kathie Cook

2002- Fairbanks

Dan Blanton

2001- Talkeetna

Karl Schleich

2000- Matsu

Davis Nufer

1999- Palmer

Rick Ladd

1998- Kenai

Sharon Meacham

1997- Anchorage

Kathy Benson

1996- Fairbanks

Arge Jeffery

1995- Anchorage

Linda Black

1994- Anchorage

Dave Dirkson

1993- Wrangell

Bill Breeden

1992- Anchorage

Diane Borgman

1991- Kenai

Jim Starry

1990- Anchorage

Lewis McLinn

1989- Kenai

Bett Fami

1988- Fairbanks

Jerry Schoenberger

1987- Yakatat

Darleen Trent

1986- Anchorage

Virginia Maesner

1985- Kenai

Robert Schell

1984- Sitka


Here are some links to connect and support you as a member of AAESP.

National Association of Elementary School Principals

Alaska Council of School Administrators

Alaska Staff Development Network

AAESP Facebook Page

Alaska Principals' Conference Facebook Page

National Distinguished Principal Info



We LOVE to hear from our members!  You can contact any one of us on the board. If you have membership questions, are looking to get more involved, or are just looking for a point of contact, you can send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

7259 Tyre Drive Anchorage, Alaska 99502

(907) 223-1742

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